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Royston Intensive Classes

Robert & Nicola Royston will have two Intensive Classes during the weekend.

Level NI are for Novice and Intermediate dancers = 8 hours.
Level AV are for Advanced dancers and experienced teachers = 4 hours.

Level NI will start on Thursday at 16:00 and continue on Friday at 10:00.
Level AD will start on Saturday and ends on Sunday.

Prices for Royston Intensive Class with Full Pass included:
Level National (Sweden) International
Level NI, Novice & Intermediate 3000 SEK €290 (Euro)
Level AV, Advanced 2400 SEK €230 (Euro)
Both levels (NI & AV) 4200 SEK €410 (Euro)
Event director: Eva & Odd Vesterli | Phone: +4670-334 76 44 | Email: